Things that shouldn’t offend you: profanity, the opinions of others, Jesus followers who smoke and drink. Things that should offend you: poverty, drone strikes, famine, daughters being bought and sold.

— Brett Thatcher  (via triste-sirene)

If flowers can
teach themselves
how to bloom after
winter passes,
so can you.

— (via alphabetsammi)
Heart eyes

I am free and that is why I am lost.

— Franz Kafka   (via thatkindofwoman)

Why is it taking so long to believe that if we hurt Nature, we hurt ourselves?

Davi Kopenawa, Yanomami shaman  (via thatkindofwoman)


I have created art



Its really nice to sit in the sun very quietly and looking at it with your eyes closed and feeling the sun kind of going through your skin inside you and feeling like you aren’t a real human but a part of this planet

One day I just woke up and realized that I can’t touch yesterday. So why the heck was I letting it touch me?

— Steve Maraboli (via versteur)